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Samuel D’Eathe – Oral History Project

BLUE COAT’S WINDOW ON THE PAST, by the people who were there
Interviewers: Christine Holt and Peter Elson


Samuel D’Eathe, born 1931: Blue Coat was “heaven sent” for Sam, an orphan who suffered domestic violence and felt “triumphant” at entering Blue Coat. After surviving the Liverpool 1941 Blitz, he was evacuated to Beaumaris, where he was bathed, fed and given Blue Coat uniform. He said: “I felt like a million dollars!”. Sam can remember Shakespeare quotes learnt at School; he was the first editor of new School magazine The Squirrel (to boost morale) and became a teacher. “You can never take the Blue Coat out of me. It didn’t cost me a penny and fed, clothed and educated me. It gave me security, a structure and learnt how to be with other people and show courtesy, to work hard and not grumble.”


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