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Margaret Thompson – Oral History Project

BLUE COAT’S WINDOW ON THE PAST, by the people who were there

Interviewers: Christine Holt and Peter Elson


Margaret Thompson, born 1932: Margaret lost her father when his ship HMS Courageous was torpedoed in WWII. Margaret, 9, and her brother Malcolm, 10, were given places at Blue Coat School in 1941. After receiving uniforms at Blue Coat in Wavertree, they were evacuated to the School in Beaumaris, Anglesey. “It was traumatic, but lots of pupils had also lost parents in the War.” Uniforms were a gymslip and blazer, with the traditional Georgian-style outfits for Sundays. Pupils had a lot of freedom and a lot of fun which was completely lost on return to Wavertree. She said: “Now and for a long time I am grateful because I realise I had a very good education at Blue Coat.”


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  • Margaret Thompson – Oral History Project