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Hugh Stephenson – Oral History Project

BLUE COAT’S WINDOW ON THE PAST, by the people who were there   

Interviewers: Christine Holt and Peter Elson  


Hugh Stephenson, born 1936: Hugh and his brother Guy entered in Feb 1944 at Beaumaris, relocating to  Wavertree in 1946. Life was much freer in Beaumaris. No real facilities and everyone boarded out. Not much discipline. No proper books, basic Victorian-style teaching.”Singing and music was very important, with the ‘very Victorian’ music master Dr Dickerson “terrifying everyone”. Received 6d weekly pocket money and spent on Vaseline for hair or sherbert dips. Return to Wavertree like being in a prison and teaching was very erratic. Hugh worked in electronics in the Royal Navy and education; Guy became an RAF and airline pilot.  


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