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Graham Hay – Oral History Project

BLUE COAT’S WINDOW ON THE PAST, by the people who were there

Interviewers: Christine Holt and Peter Elson


Graham Hay, born 1936: Graham was born in 1936, but his parents separated when he was three and his father forced his mother and brother into homelessness and poverty. Only met father a few times later in life. Younger brother James Christopher, Old Blue, 81 years. Interviewed by Headmaster Rev Bruce Wilson. Graham and entered School aged seven years on 17 February 1944 and was evacuated to Beaumaris. Discipline very strict and traumatized by experience. Not a good learner, but liked Anglesey watching the wartime flying boats on the Menai Straits. Blue Coat gave him a life-long passion for music. Worked in catering. Retains great affection for School.  

Graham Hay – Oral History Project


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